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Life insurance-court ordered life insurance must be specific as to purpose

Recent cases show that life insurance can be ordered by the court, to protect from untimely death of the pay or of child support or alimony.  I.e.: if a father is to pay child support and then dies, who will pay the child support then? Life insurance to secure the child support is a very good idea. The same with alimony. With alimony, the purpose of securing alimony obligation must be set forth in the court order; in Solomon v. Solomon 861 So. 2d 1218 (FLA.  2nd DCA 2003) the court stated “in the absence of special circumstances, a spouse cannot be required to maintain life insurance for the purpose of securing an alimony obligation”.  Point: set forth the special circumstances, for it is error for the trial court to require the pay or spouse to maintain life insurance to secure an alimony award without specifying the special circumstance for the life insurance.  Contact Mr Farbstein; law offices of Ben I Farbstein P.A. If you have any questions, contact Ben I Farbstein Esquire, 954-962-5900

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