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Educate Yourself

It is important to know what comes first.

As complex and overwhelming it may seem, a professional with experience can provide guidance and educate you and walk you through, step by step, on how to settle and resolve even those most difficult issues which on your own may never likely be settled.

If you think you can do all of the problem solving and settlement of your issues without the need of a professional, then simply go to the Pro Se (Do it Yourself) section below. For most, the saying, a person that represents themselves has a fool for a client.

You might need help.

Read at least, the introductory paragraph of each of the four sections below. Then select the professional that cares, and provides the insight and guidance to help you through.

  • There are different types of mental health professionals that can provide services to help you through your divorce or paternity case.
  • Never second guess yourself. If you believe you need to speak with someone to help you emotionally, through the sometimes difficult or what appears to be impossible task in front of you, contact a psychologist or mental health professional.
  • A mediator can provide mediation services, but not if you first consult the attorney/mediator with a goal of litigating or seeking representation.
  • Once you consult with the attorney, that attorney cannot provide mediation services. All mediators must be impartial and cannot be first be involved with a party as a perspective attorney/client relationship.
  • If you believe that issues can be resolved without having the family law attorney represent you, then seek mediation first; hopefully you won’t need a lawyer to litigate.
  • A mediator cannot provide legal advice.
  • A mediator cannot be your lawyer, or someone that you have a relationship with.
Family Law Attorney
  • Select an attorney with experience, and with a goal on settlement and commitment to resolving your case.
  • With over 26 years of legal experience, Ben I. Farbstein, Esq., is known for his passion, his knowledge of family law, his dedication to advocacy, and being well-prepared, both in and out of the courtroom.Ben I. Farbstein, EsqHe has been a mentor to other family law attorneys and has provided an array of insight based on his experience with cases in Florida and other states.Ben I. Farbstein, Esq., has developed a sophisticated family law practice that handles complex family law litigation matters in virtually every area of family. However, no case is too large or too small – if it is important to you, it is important to Ben I. Farbstein, Esq.
Pro Se- (Do it yourself)
  • If you are one of those individuals that believes they can represent themselves; it is suggested that you first take a look at the Supreme Court forms. If you can prepare all of the papers and forms ready for court; then proceed carefully.
  • Seek advice and representation if your spouse or other parent engages an attorney.
  • You are no match for representing yourself if an attorney is representing the other side.
  • If you both of you agree to work it out; to pursue a resolution and settle; then read the section on mediation (link) above and select a qualified mediator.