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Hollywood Child Relocation Lawyer

After your divorce, it may be necessary for you to move for work or other important reasons. If you are currently sharing parental responsibilities with your former spouse, making sure that these relocation arrangements are handled effectively and in accordance with the letter of the law is essential to protect the welfare of your children and your legal standing with the court. Working with a Hollywood child relocation lawyer can provide you with the support you need to deal with these issues in the most practical way possible.

Florida Law Governing Child Relocation

According to the provisions of Florida Statute 61.13001, relocations of more than 50 miles cannot occur without the agreement of both parents or the approval of the Florida court system. Recent interpretations of this legal principle have held that it applies both to the primary caregiver and the parent who has less time with the children under the time-sharing agreement. If you need the help of a qualified Hollywood Florida relocation lawyer, the Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein can help with the most effective representation for your case.

The Best Interest of the Child

If both parents cannot agree that the relocation is acceptable, the courts will determine the issue in accordance with the best interests of the child. This usually involves a hearing in which each parent will be given an opportunity to state his or her case in front of the judge. Enlisting the help of a Hollywood Florida relocation lawyer can help you make the best possible arguments during these proceedings. This can improve your chances of achieving your desired outcome when discussing relocation issues in family court.

The Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein can provide you with the right options when arranging for child relocation or working to keep your children within a reasonable distance of your current home. By working with a Hollywood Florida relocation lawyer from our office, you can be sure of the best representation and the most expert counsel in our area. Give us a call today at 954-962-5900 to schedule your first appointment with us and to access the best representation for your case.