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Domestic Violence

Hollywood Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, making sure you and your children are protected during divorce proceedings is critical to ensure your safety and welfare. Hollywood Domestic Violence Lawyer Ben I. Farbstein can provide you with the legal support needed to protect your family against domestic violence and to ensure the safest environment for children born of your marriage. If you need a Hollywood Florida domestic violence lawyer, we are the right choice for your legal needs.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence cases generally involve physical abuse, threats of physical violence or repeated stalking. The violence may be directed at spouses, family members and even children. In some cases, domestic violence may include emotional or economic deprivation or excessive control. Sexual assaults can also be classed as domestic violence, which can occur between unmarried people, parents and children and any other individuals who reside in the same home or are engaged in a relationship.

Temporary Restraining Orders

The first step in most domestic violence cases is the filing of paperwork with the courthouse to request a temporary restraining order against the offending party. Enlisting the services of a qualified Hollywood Florida domestic lawyer can help you navigate the required paperwork more easily and can ensure that you receive the best counsel throughout the filing process.

The Hearing for a Permanent Injunction

After you have filed for a temporary restraining order, you will be asked to attend a hearing to determine whether a permanent injunction will be issued in your case. You will need to present witnesses and evidence of your claims before a judge. Your Hollywood Florida domestic violence lawyer will help you to collect and present your side of the story in the most effective way. This can help you to achieve greater protection for yourself and your family against this unwanted violence.

Domestic Violence Allegations Can Affect Time-Sharing and Visitation

In many cases, accusations of domestic violence can have a significant impact on the visitation and time-sharing rights of the accused party. These steps are generally taken after an injunction has been granted and may require supervised visits on the part of the offender or, in some cases, the cessation of visitation rights altogether.

If you need a qualified Hollywood Florida domestic violence lawyer to represent your interests in court, call the Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein at 954-962-5900. We will be happy to help you deal with these issues fairly and effectively to protect yourself and your children now and in the future.