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Ben I. Farbstein, Esq., of the Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein, P.A., has over 27 years of legal experience. We will provide representation and when appropriate, provide aggressive performance to reach your goals. We practice in all family law matters, including: divorce, child custody and visitation (parental responsibility and time-sharing), paternity, alimony, child support, pre-nuptial agreements, enforcement, partnership agreements and mediation.

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Whether you need help with a Fort Lauderdale family lawyer or a Fort Lauderdale family attorney, contact The Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein, P.A.

The Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein, P.A.,
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Hollywood Divorce Lawyer If you are considering a divorce in the state of Florida, you need a Hollywood Florida divorce lawyer you can depend on to deal with your case effectively. The Hollywood Divorce Lawyer Ben I. Farbstein can help with the most comprehensive family law services in our area. We can help you deal […]

Child Support

Hollywood Child Support Lawyer Child support arrangements are intended to provide financial help for parents offering primary or shared care for minor children born of the marriage. Hollywood Child Support Lawyer can provide you with professional representation that can help you manage child support issues effectively. If you need the services of an experienced Hollywood […]

Domestic Violence

Hollywood Domestic Violence Lawyer If you have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, making sure you and your children are protected during divorce proceedings is critical to ensure your safety and welfare. Hollywood Domestic Violence Lawyer Ben I. Farbstein can provide you with the legal support needed to protect your family against domestic […]

Child Custody

Hollywood Child Custody Lawyer In the state of Florida, child custody is more often referred to as parental time-sharing. These arrangements are intended to provide the most beneficial and healthy environment for children in divorce proceedings. Working with a Hollywood Florida child custody lawyer from the Offices of Ben I. Farbstein can provide you with […]

Asset Distribution

Debt and Asset Distribution in Divorce Proceedings In the state of Florida, the distribution of debts and assets can be an area of concern for many divorcing couples. Making sure that both parties can maintain financial stability during and after the divorce proceedings can relieve some of the stress involved in this process. If you […]


Hollywood Alimony Lawyer In the state of Florida, alimony payments are intended to ensure that financial assets are distributed equitably after a divorce. A number of factors are considered when determining whether alimony will be awarded and the amount to be paid by one former spouse to another. Hollywood Alimony Lawyer Ben I. Farbstein, can […]


Hollywood Paternity Lawyer Paternity suits in Florida are intended to determine the biological parentage of children. This information can be used to determine child support payments, time-sharing and custody arrangements and responsibility for the children. In the state of Florida, there is a distinction between the biological father and the legal father of a child. […]


Hollywood Child Relocation Lawyer After your divorce, it may be necessary for you to move for work or other important reasons. If you are currently sharing parental responsibilities with your former spouse, making sure that these relocation arrangements are handled effectively and in accordance with the letter of the law is essential to protect the […]

Enforcement and Contempt

Hollywood Divorce Enforcement Lawyer and Contempt Attorney If the parties to a divorce do not comply with the rulings of the court, procedures are in place to provide legal remedies for these situations. Hollywood divorce enforcement lawyer Ben I. Farbstein can help you navigate these legal issues and can ensure the most positive outcomes possible […]

Cohabitation and Domestic Partnership Agreements

Cohabitation and Domestic Partnership Agreements Unmarried couples living together do not enjoy the same protections and rights as married people in the state of Florida. Even long-term relationships can sometimes fail to be recognized by the Florida court system. To protect your rights and the rights of your partner, it may be advisable to create […]