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Enforcement and Contempt

Hollywood Divorce Enforcement Lawyer and Contempt Attorney

If the parties to a divorce do not comply with the rulings of the court, procedures are in place to provide legal remedies for these situations. Hollywood divorce enforcement lawyer Ben I. Farbstein can help you navigate these legal issues and can ensure the most positive outcomes possible for your case. By choosing a Hollywood Florida divorce enforcementĀ  lawyer from our office, you can enjoy the benefits of our proven experience and knowledge in this area of family law.

Contempt Proceedings

If one party to divorce proceedings fails to comply with the court’s orders regarding child support, time-sharing child custody arrangements or alimony, he or she could be subject to the contempt power of the Florida courts. This power allows court officials to impose fines and jail time on those who do not stay in compliance with the orders of the court. Your Hollywood Florida enforcement and contempt lawyer can provide you with expert advice and counsel on dealing with these actions and pursuing your financial claims in the state of Florida.

Modification of Orders

Another way in which the Florida court system may address failure to comply with its orders is by modifying those orders. This is generally applicable to child support, child custody and time-sharing and to alimony orders. The courts may decide to limit visitation and other custody rights depending on the actions of the parents. Child support and alimony arrangements may also be altered by the courts. In general, working with a qualified Hollywood Florida enforcement and contempt lawyer is the best strategy both to ensure compliance with the court’s orders and to defend against adverse actions by the Florida family court system.

Property Division in Divorce

The monetary payment amounts ordered as part of the divorce settlement are not usually enforceable through fines or jail time. Instead, garnishments and other collection activities may be used to encourage individuals to pay the amounts they owe. At the Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein, we can provide you with the help needed to ensure that you receive the money owed to you in these settlements and that your case is handled with the care and you deserve.

If you need help from a qualified Hollywood Florida enforcement and contempt lawyer, call the Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein today at 954-962-5900. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your legal needs.