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Child Support

Hollywood Child Support Lawyer

Child support arrangements are intended to provide financial help for parents offering primary or shared care for minor children born of the marriage. Hollywood Child Support Lawyer can provide you with professional representation that can help you manage child support issues effectively. If you need the services of an experienced Hollywood Florida child support lawyer, we are the right choice for your needs.

Determining the Amount of Child Support

In the state of Florida, a number of factors can play into the decision of the courts regarding how much child support should be paid. If each parent is awarded at least 20 percent of overnight stays with the children, then the amount paid is generally predicated on the relative net incomes of each parent and the number of children who will receive this support. Medical and educational expenses, travel costs and other expenditures may be factored into the decision process for child support payments. Making sure that all applicable expenses are considered when determining the amount of child support to be awarded can make a substantial difference in the welfare of children and parents alike.

Disputes About Child Support

In most cases, disagreements about child support arise when one parent believes the other is not being honest and open about his or her income levels or when one of the parties may be voluntarily or involuntarily unemployed or underemployed. Working with a qualified Hollywood Florida child support lawyer is a practical way to resolve these disputes. These legal professionals can provide you with the representation needed to protect your rights and to reach an agreement that works for all parties to the divorce

How Child Support Is Collected

In most cases, the state of Florida will establish a direct withdrawal from the paycheck of the paying parent and send the funds on to the recipient. Retaining the services of a Hollywood Florida child support lawyer can help you make alterations to these standard arrangements and can ensure that your child support payment methods are suited to your needs and the needs of your former spouse.

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