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Hollywood Alimony Lawyer

In the state of Florida, alimony payments are intended to ensure that financial assets are distributed equitably after a divorce. A number of factors are considered when determining whether alimony will be awarded and the amount to be paid by one former spouse to another. Hollywood Alimony Lawyer Ben I. Farbstein, can provide you with the right representation to ensure that your alimony arrangements are fair and equitable under Florida law. By choosing a Hollywood Florida alimony lawyer from our office, you can enjoy greater confidence when dealing with financial arrangements related to your divorce.

Factors That Can Affect Alimony

A number of different elements go into the court’s determination of alimony awards:

  • The current income of each party is considered along with the projected future earning potential of the partners. If one party to the divorce is currently unemployed or underemployed, the courts may determine income levels based on the perceived earning power available to that individual.
  • The duration of the marriage will also be considered. Marriages of relatively short standing will be less likely to result in alimony awards than those of longer durations.
  • Each spouse’s overall financial situation will also be considered to provide reasonable living conditions for each party to the divorce.
  • If one of the partners had an affair, the amounts spent on these activities may be considered as part of their share of the marital assets. This can significantly reduce the amount awarded in alimony and, in some cases, may eliminate the possibility of alimony altogether.
  • Child support can also have an impact on the amount of alimony paid and received after a divorce.

Your Hollywood Florida alimony lawyer can provide you with the guidance needed to determine the proper amount and the type of alimony appropriate for your situation.

Types of Alimony

Florida law recognizes several types of alimony, including the following:

  • Rehabilitative alimony is intended to provide support for a former spouse while he or she undergoes training or education to increase potential income.
  • Alimony may also be paid in a lump sum if both parties agree to it or the court orders it.
  • These payments may be made for a fixed period rather than indefinitely.
  • Alimony may also be used to bridge the gap between the time of the divorce and the date on which the recipient finds employment.

The Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein can provide you with the assertive representation you need to achieve the right alimony solutions for your situation. To set up an initial appointment with us, call our office today at 954-962-5900. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your legal needs.