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Wife Of Broward’s Favorite Son Johnny Depp Files For Divorce

This weekend did not go well for Johnny Depp and soon-to-be ex-wife Amber Heard. The Hollywood couple separated on May 22nd. Amber filed for divorce the next day on Monday, May 23rd.

The couple seems to have gotten into a rather serious fight over the weekend. Amber alleged that Johnny came home after her birthday celebration intoxicated and just after his mother’s passing. A fight ensued, and Amber has filed documents stating that domestic violence was involved.

There seems to be a relatively large fight for both parties. Amber alleges drug and alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, and she requested spousal support. She also put in for a restraining order, and she wants the house.

Hollywood Florida Divorce LawyerJohnny’s legal team is fighting back. Police have come to his defense saying that when they were called for the alleged violence, there was no visual evidence that Amber was injured. She also refused to file a report. As for the spousal support, the couple was only married for fifteen months which will look good on Johnny’s part. He may have to worry about his assets, though, because he did not sign a prenup with Amber Heard.

Amber Heard was in court May 27th to file her restraining order. She asked for a restraining order for herself and her dog. The judge authorized the temporary restraining order until their court date next month. However, he did not file the restraining order for the dog, saying that the dog was not in any danger of Johnny.

Johnny is rather busy at the moment. Not only did his mother recently pass. His new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass came out May 27th. Furthermore, he is currently playing with his band at the Rocking in Rio event in, you guessed it, Rio. The restraining order will not affect him too badly.

The biggest question for everyone is who will get the dogs. The dogs were made infamous recently in a little smuggling incident that happened in Australia recently that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had to make a recorded apology for. Luckily, that was easy to determine. One of the dogs is Amber’s. One of the dog’s is Johnny’s.

Divorce is never fun. Even if you don’t have the amount of money as these two celebrities, you need someone to help you protect your assets. If you need a lawyer for an upcoming divorce, call your Hollywood Florida divorce lawyer at our firm today. Contact Ben I. Farbstein at 954-962-5900.

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