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Moving On from Marriage with Divorce Celebrations

While divorce was once a sad and embarrassing event, many modern people view it as a positive change. Divorce marks the end of a marriage, but also the beginning of a new single life with endless promise and possibilities. Many people are welcoming in this new and exciting season of life with a divorce celebration.

Divorce celebrations are as diverse as the reasons for the divorce. Some people choose to celebrate with a simple party. Many bakeries are making special divorce cakes for these parties, with themes relevant to the divorce such as “taking out the trash.” Other people choose to do something symbolic: shoot or otherwise destroy their wedding dress, have their wedding ring turned into another piece of jewelry, skydive to symbolize their new freedom, and other meaningful activities.

Some people even choose to have a ceremony ending their marriage, along with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. These ceremonies can include interesting variations on wedding celebrations such as reciting vows backward to nullify the original ones. However a couple decides to commemorate their new beginning, it’s important to first consult a Florida divorce lawyer to ensure that the divorce is worth celebrating.

Many may wonder if celebrating the demise of a marriage is proper. At the heart of it, divorce celebrations are based on a very human need for ritual. We use rituals to mark weddings, births, and most occasions where a new life is beginning. From this perspective, it makes sense to create new American traditions commemorating a divorce.

Because people have only begun viewing divorce as a positive new beginning, there is no set way of celebrating this milestone. People are left to come up with their own creative way of marking this change in their lives. Whether you celebrate with a party, a symbolic activity, or a ritual, the most important thing is that you begin the legal and emotional process of moving on.

Before planning a divorce celebration, it is crucial that divorcing couples get legal counsel from a Fort Lauderdale Florida divorce lawyer so their divorce is as painless as possible. In order to have an easier and less stressful divorce, contact divorce lawyer Ben Farbstein. He’ll give you something to celebrate about.

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