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Killing of FSU Professor Linked to Bitter Divorce

Divorce is Sometimes Scary

Fort Lauderdale Divorce LawyerPolice officials say that the death of a FSU professor two years ago was the result of a bitter divorce. The professor, Daniel Markel, was killed in a murder-for-hire plot in 2014. The alleged trigger man, Sigfredo Garcia, was arrested in early June. A second man, Luis Rivera, is currently serving time in a federal prison for an unrelated crime and is expected to be charged with Markel’s murder as well.

Markel and wife Wendi Adelson, divorced in 2013, but not with kind words for one another. Adelson argued in court that she wasn’t given enough money from her now ex-husband. Markel made accusations that Adelson was keeping from his children and requested unsupervised visitation with the two minor children.
It is still unclear as to what evidence officials in Ft. Lauderdale indicating her involvement with her husband’s death, however, police will say that neither Rivera or Sigfredo were residents of Fort Lauderdale, coming only one month before the murder, and that there were no other motives.

Not an Isolated Incident
Situations such as the unfortunate incident above occur far more often than many realize. While not all stories such as the one above make the news and national headlines, it is important to understand that when emotions are running rampant, anything can happen. Even from someone that you’ve spent a big portion of your life with. Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Ben I Farbstein can help protect you during divorce proceedings, including with the use of a restraining order, if you feel that you need protection during this difficult time.

Keeping Self Safe
A restraining order prevents your spouse from coming to your home, from threatening you, from stalking you, and from telephone and internet contact. Should you be contacted by your spouse with the restraining order in place, they’ll immediately be arrested and placed in jail. While some say it is a mere piece of paper, it is a black and white document that has prevented unfortunate accidents so many times in the past. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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