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Florida Might Finally Stop Allowing Permanent Alimony

Fort Lauderdale Allimony AttorneyThe Florida state legislature is currently trying to pass a bill that will stop allowing permanent alimony to be awarded to a spouse during a divorce. Alimony is designed to provide a former spouse with assistance after a divorce, and most states require that alimony payments end after a set amount of time that is related to the length of the marriage and the reasons for divorce. However, Florida is one of the few states that still allows a spouse to collect alimony indefinitely.

In the past four years, bills to change the state of alimony in Florida have repeatedly been vetoed or voted against. For example, one past bill was vetoed by Governor Rick Scott because it contained a clause that would apply the bill retroactively. A new bill is currently in the works at the state Senate in Tallahassee, and many legal experts and Tallahassee divorce lawyers are predicting that this bill will finally pass.

There are many people pointing out the various pros and cons of such a bill. One woman who was married for just 14 years supports the bill because she is tired of supporting her husband. Another man explains that his previous spouse will not remarry because she knows he will not have to pay alimony if she does marry her boyfriend. However, other people are concerned that a lack of permanent alimony will allow people to divorce their spouse and prevent the spouse from getting any support after the spouse gave up their career to raise children and make a home.

A Tallahassee divorce lawyer explains that even if the bill passes, many of these concerns about it are unfounded. A judge will still have the discretion to order an extensive alimony if the circumstances seem to call for it, but the new bill would keep people from unjustly having to pay excessive alimony for an entire lifetime. Having a talented Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer on your side will help you to still get the alimony you need even if permanent alimony is ended.

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