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‘Gray Divorce’ Affects Millennials as Parents Split

Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneyLove does not have an age attached to it. Neither does falling out of love. Today, more and more people are finding that they don’t need to stay in a marriage just because they’ve been married a long time. Many people in their 50s and 60s are getting divorced. These “gray divorces” are very similar to other divorces and are managed in the same ways in Florida.

When a couple in their 50s or 60s decides to get a divorce, there is a good chance that their children are grown at this point. Don’t think that this makes the situation much easier for the children. Their lives and their family dynamic is going to be irreparably changed. They also may have to explain what is happening to their children. Remember to take care when talking about the process to your adult children. They may feel a sudden burden once they hear this news. Now that your don’t have the each other, the children may feel that companionship and care for both parents rests entirely in their hands. And now they have to do twice the work. Be understanding and allow them to process the information.

Florida is a no-fault divorce jurisdiction, so either party can file for divorce at any time. There is no age limit to divorce. The first thing that both parties will want to do is hire an attorney. Gray divorces tend to be slightly easier because the roles and finances are usually pretty well established. However, an attorney will be needed to help with negotiations and to help with the details. Be clear about what you want and why. That way, your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney will be able to fight for what you want in the divorce proceedings.

If there are children involved, this will be a top priority during the process. If your child is older, though, (in their teens) they generally have a choice with you they want to live with. It’s important to be understanding of the child’s decision to matter which way they choose. This is not an easy situation for the child, and there are many things going through the child’s head.

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