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Man Sees Bride Without Makeup, Immediately Seeks Divorce

hollywood fl divorceA wedding is always a happy and exciting time for a couple. At least, that’s traditionally the case. However, for a Middle Eastern couple, it was not a story of happily ever after as the groom immediately sought a divorce after the wedding.

A 34 year old man from the United Arab Emirates, married his 28 year old wife after having been engaged for six months. The two had never actually met face to face, which is a popular custom in some countries in the Middle East region. Mere days after the wedding, however, the husband decided he wanted a prompt divorce. The reason? He had never seen his wife without makeup before and barely recognized her.

The news was reported by Dr. Abdul Aziz Asaf, a psychologist the bride contacted to help her to overcome her psychological suffering following the embarrassing and humiliating incident as a result of the speedy divorce. Asaf revealed that the couple had been engaged for six months and that the man had never seen her without makeup and accused the woman of “deceiving” him by wearing many cosmetics and not looking as pretty as prior to their wedding.

The husband decided he wanted the divorce mere days after the wedding, when they were at Al Mamzar Beach for a swim. The woman’s face had been washed clean of the makeup as a result of being in the water. The man was shocked and claimed he no longer recognized her.

The bride had undergone cosmetic procedures before the wedding and intended to tell her husband that she was wearing false eyelashes as a result. However, the water wiping her face clean occurred and she felt it was too late. At the same time, the man was shallow and sought a divorce.

According to Dr. Asaf, the groom was immediately granted the divorce and refused to reunite with the young woman afterward. He claimed he was “tricked by her artificial beauty,” not taking into consideration how she must have felt after the experience.

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