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Kim Rothstein, Ex-Wife of Ponzi Cchemer, Tells Judge She Is Reformed

Hollywood Divorce LawyerEveryone has the potential to turn around a life of crime and live an honorable lifestyle from that point forward. Most citizens remember the highly televised scorning of Scott and Kim Rothstein, who were involved in some of the biggest Ponzi schemes that the world had ever known. Well, Kim has turned her life around completely and has made that clear to a judge in a plea to have her probationary term reduced. Her attorney argued the case for her nicely.

The Rothsteins have been divorced for over a year thanks to a reputable divorce lawyer. Unfortunately, Kim could not rid herself of the married last name because she was still serving her probationary sentence.

Kim has been working as a top auto salesperson for a Lexus dealership since her release from prison. She is making quite a name for herself as the top salesperson out of 50 in her region. She uses her maiden last name in this position to get away from the negative connotations that revolve around the Rothstein name. Her ex-husband is currently serving a 50-year sentence. Kim is happy that she got a second chance to live her life in a respectable fashion.

Most of the success that Kim experienced in the legal field was because of the support of her family and her attorney. They all wrote letters to the judge about her 360-degree turn. Anyone is capable of turning things around with the right level of faith. Kim’s story shows that people can succeed in removing themselves from a life of crime and then separate themselves from the “crazy world” they lived in before their great change occurred. Her divorce from Scott was one of the final acts that put the nail in the coffin of her previous chaotic lifestyle.

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