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With The Rising US Divorce Rate It’s Important To Know an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Statistics often indicate that the US divorce rate tracks somewhat closely to the overall state of the economy. Divorce can be time-consuming in some cases, and when the economy is struggling, many people do not feel prepared to split. With that in mind, research suggests that during the recession, the divorce rate dropped by a significant amount. In fact, one researcher from the University of Maryland found that around 150,000 would-be divorcing couples decided to put off their divorce or try to work through their problems because of the constraints imposed by the struggling economy.

Things are looking up with the national economy, however, as consumer confidence has risen steadily since 2012. As one might expect, as the economy has made it slow recovery, the divorce rate has trended upward, as well. Divorce rates are starting to creep back closer to their pre-recession levels. In fact, around 2.4 million Americans divorced in 2012, the most recent year in which census data is available on American divorce. What does all of this mean for the average citizen?

With the divorce rate back on the rise, the Fort Lauderdale Florida divorce lawyers might be important for you. No one thinks about getting divorced when times are good, but divorce is a reality of life. If you are forced to deal with it, then you’d be wise to have a solid attorney by your side. The Law Offices of Ben I. Farbstein provide people with the help they need when they have to go through this difficult process.

Farbstein understands that the process can be emotionally and mentally taxing. This is why he employs an approach that takes some of the burden off of your shoulders. People going through divorce often try to do too much, and when they try to go at divorce without a good lawyer, they can make mistakes that cost them money and much more. Farbstein is skilled, experienced, and willing to go to bat for clients during those difficult times.

He understands that each client might have a different set of goals and desires with their case. That is why he gives every divorce the attention it deserves, discussing with clients what their financial, custody, and other goals happen to be. While he can’t do everything to make the process painless, he can ensure that people going through divorce have a fierce advocate by their side through the entire process.

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