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Family Law Settlement Agreement

Should you draft your own settlement agreement?

Understanding the issues is not only understanding what settlement terms are intended to be included in the agreement; but understanding how the parties are required to act.

A common problem with settlement agreements is that the agreement is general and not specific. Each and every term must be so specific so as to not allow for interpretation or “wiggle room.” That means that specificity is required with each term, so that neither party can try to apply the agreement, certain one-sided perspective.

The bottom line is, an experienced attorney skilled specifically in family law, should prepare the agreement.

Then, there should be a review the agreement with the party represented to make sure that the agreement meets with the intention and agreement of the client..

Family Law Settlement Agreement

There are many forms available to prepare agreements by yourself. The problem is not preparing the agreement, but when the agreement is being enforced, because one of the parties. Claims that they are entitled to do something different, because the language is not specific or has room for interpretation, the 2 tests is when the agreement is being enforced by the court (or not)!

Other articles and cases regarding preparing and interpretation of agreements are available herein.

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