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The 10 Common Reasons People Get Divorced

Divorce rates keep rising by the day and couples cite a host of reasons for wanting to disentangle from married life. Some causes of divorces may be unique to individual cases, but most of them are not. You will find that a majority of couples getting the services of a Hollywood Florida divorce lawyer have been overwhelmed by the same challenges as hundreds of other individuals.

Different visions

Not having the same goals with your partner can be very frustrating and may be the cause of many disagreements. One mistake that couples make is not analyzing their visions for the future before entering into a committed partnership.

Unfulfilled Expectations

When one person is unhappy in a relationship and coerces sacrifices from their partner just to make them happy, that spells trouble.

No Identity

Co-depending on your partner and lacking the freedom of expression is another reason a relationship may not work out.

Wrong Reasons

Entering a marriage with the wrong objectives such as money or age may lead one to disregard problems that are already there.

Forgotten Roles

After a while in a marriage, couples get immersed into their family roles such as provider and carer, and forget about each other and eventually grow apart.

No Intimacy

Shifts can occur in the intimacy part of marriage, especially if couples don’t communicate, or fail to take care of each other, leading to unmet needs and feelings of rejection.


Failure to deal with financial issues as a couple can be a disaster. Lack of financial compatibility can lead to numerous conflicts in a marriage.

Losing Touch

There’s intimacy, and then there’s keeping in touch with each other, which some couples ignore during their marriage.

Different Interests

Lack of common passions and interests between couples is another common cause of constant arguments because individuals don’t get to explore interests together.

Conflict Resolution

Ultimately, all the above factors lead to some form of conflict. Failure to deal with them appropriately results in separation and, in most cases, divorce.

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